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Java 10 JDK , Its Feature and How it is different From JDK 9

JDK 10 is officially released on 20th March 2018, as the short term release version , As you may know that , Java always release its new version on every 3 years  but after java 9 , it has decided to change the version way (i.e count like 7,8,9 ) rather will use the year of release as java 2018 like this , but they finally come over and released the short term release version of java as JDK 10 , the major release will be JDK 11.
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JDK 10 is now available on Oracle official site now , you can download it from

Now as we talk about the features of JDK 10 

Features of JDK 10
There are some major changes we can see in JDK 10 :

1) Parallel Full GC for G1 : Full GC for G1 is released in Java 9 , Now Parallel Full GC support is provided , which will given to avoid the full collection (read more)

2) Local Variable Type Reference( support of var ) : This is one of the most awaiting feature for java to be added as most of the other programming language is already supporting the Local variable type reference feature but JAVA was the only popular programming language which was not supporting var support , but in JDK 10 , we can use var keyword
var str = "Java 10"; // infers String 
var list = new ArrayList<String>(); // infers ArrayList<String> 
var stream = list.stream(); // infers Stream<String>
3)Application class Data sharing : Now in Java 10 , we can share application classes as well , so what is class data sharing is , actually there is a shared class in JRE where JRE dump its file called shared archive, which is used to load the library of JRE. Now in Java 10 we can added the Application class as well in shared class.

4) Root Certificate :  Untill java 9 , there are 2 JDKs available OpenJDK and OracleJDK , Java need to maintain the build of both the jdk to be same so that they can used anywhere , Now in Java 10 , Root Certificate is included by help of which both the JDK will maintain the similarity.(read more)

5)Consolidated JDK Forest into Single Repository : Until java 9 , Java have 9 mini repository where it maintain its library online , these are  root, corba, hotspot, jaxp, jaxws, jdk, langtools, and nashorn. now from java 10 onward , they have consolidated all the mini repository into one single repository.

6)Heap Allocation on Alternate Memory Devices - This is one of the most important feature of java 10 as it shows the java vision of future , from java 10 onward , we can now able to use he memory devices to be used as allocation of heap memory . this will definitely going to change the perception of java for machines.

7)Shorter Start up time in JSHELL REPL.

8) API for Creating unmodifiable collection.

9) Support for multiples stylesheet in javadocs.

10) Thread-local handshake Improvement.

These are the Features of Java 10 , but remember java 10 is a short term release only .
The major release of java will be java 11

If you have any doubts on this please let me know , i will try my best to resolve .
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