Saturday, June 17, 2017

Program to find whether the Book is on Public link or not

In this post we will try to understand whether the book is on public link or not.
First question someone ask would be , What is meant by public link ??

PUBLIC LINK- Public link is referred as the links where all the contents are free to use , there is no copy right problem if we use the content of the website.

Objective: I have got the problem where we need to check whether the Book with particular ISBN is present on public link or not.
To check that , we first know the public links are , so few are (which i am checking ) -

Problem- User will provide one isbn number and we need to return whether the isbn is presented on public link or not.

Solution approach- We will provide the api where the user will provide the isbn and we will return the true or false.

Internally , we are using the rest api which will connect with the mentioned public link and provide us where the book is on these site or not using the isbn no.

you can get the Project from here-

You can contribute on this project , if you guys have some good idea.

Hope you learn something new. BTW this task i have completed and got some money from

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