Saturday, February 24, 2018

Top 5 Courses for Java / Spring developers

Online Courses are now the new trend of learning things first and udemy is one of the site which takes the lead of the online courses . In this article we will see what all courses everyone who want to learn Java programming should enrolled.

Before we move further , You can also see one of the best spring course available on Udemy.

Let see the courses and there Scope what you will learn from these courses.


Course from Beginner of Java Programming :-

By Dheeru Mundluru

What you will learn from this course:
  • This is for complete beginner of java programming ( even experienced can also see)
  • He has explained everything in a very proper way so that you can even relate it with real examples.
  • Cover all the important topics even the most common interview questions asked 
  • All the source codes are also available in the course.
  • course is very cheap , Check now


If you are experienced Java Developer and want to learn the in depth understanding
my recommendation is

Complete Java Masterclass 

By Tim Buchalka

What you will learn from here
  • This will cover all the important topics along with java 8 and java 9 topics 
  • Will provide the indepth understanding of lambda expression and date API changes .
  • Will provide full support of all the doubts you have while taking course.
  • will provide the certificate after successful completion of the course
One Important thing is if you have no experience , you can even then this course as well .

3. Spring and Hibernate Leaning 

If you are looking for learning spring and hibernate you can take the below course and it is one of the best course to learn from scratch .

Spring & Hibernate for Beginners

By Chad Darby
Features of this course-
  • If you not at all familier with spring and hibernate , you should take this course.(only for begineers)
  • this will cover the spring from xml to annotation implementation along with hibernate from hibernate xml to hibernate annotations.
  • it will also provide the support of your doubts by chad darby itself 
  • the speed of the course is little fast but you can cover up with that.
  • After successfully complete the course you will get the certificate of completion by udemy itself.
Note: If you are already aware of the spring and hibernate then you should take this course

4. Course for Android Developers

If you guys are looking for some good online course where you can learn android from scratch , below is the course you should avail.

The Complete Android N Developer Course

By Rob Percival
Features of this course 
  • you will get some free stuff like 50$ of AWS Credits , Free 1 year of hosting and much more
  • It will teach you and will create complete new apps which will host on AWS and will show you all the features you can use.
  • It is one of the best course for beginner of android developers.
  • successfully completing will also provide you the certificates.

5. Want to be a Kotlin Android  Devloper 

The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course

By Hussein Al Rubaye

Features of this courses.
  • You will be learning basics of kotlin language.
  • You will develop an app from scratch and upload it in google play store.
  • you will get the certificate of completion .

I hope all the courses will help you in becoming a good programmer , if you like the article please share it with your friends and collegues 

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